POSTED BY Wellhouse | Oct, 01, 2020 |
Close-up of the brick pavers used for the Well House patio recycled from Grand Rapids streets.

The paving of throughfares has been practiced for thousands of years. Done originally to emphasize ceremony paving became a critical need in the expansion of commerce.

Fast Forward to Grand Rapids in the early to 1800’s and beyond.

As horse drawn carts and early automobiles began to populate our streets cobblestones and then pavers became construction type to counter the ruts of mud, dirt and sand.

Different from cobblestones which are stones that have one side rounded to sit flat in the substrate but who’s tops are still inconsistent – Pavers are a formed brick. They are made of a specific type of clay, in a larger format than housing bricks and glazed in their final firing to produce bricks that are nearly indestructible.

The paver bricks like those seen here on the Well House Patio revolutionized transportation in our city and ended limitations caused by weather.

Who rescued them as the paved street were replaced by asphalt? We don’t know. But owe them our thanks for their early commitment to recycling and repurposing that still serves in 2020.

Pavers by:
Carlyle Sciotoville Block, Metropolitan Block R. and Hocking Valley
all companies located in Southern Ohio; bricks made from clay from Ohio River Valley

Restoration by:
Joe Anzalduas