In 1977, Marian Clements purchased the first Well House home for $350 at the intersection of Cass and Pleasant. From this original location, we continue her mission of providing housing to individuals who are experiencing homelessness. Join the legacy she started by purchasing a brick to be laid at the entrance of the original location.

There is only one true way to honor a legacy. You have to claim it as your own!

Marian Clements’ legacy is not that she housed people struggling with homelessness and other urgent needs. Her legacy is THIS — the Community she created; an eclectic group who, in a precious moment of collective consciousness, ask in unison “How can I help?” Marion always had an answer…

…“Help me plant a vegetable garden.”…“Help us design a colorful mural.”…  “Help me salvage usable windows from the dumpster of construction site.” “Help us repair a leaking roof.”  By calling to the better angels of neighbors, Marion made us aware that we are inherently a Community. Each one of us is responsible for what we contribute to the Whole.

The goal was not only to provide a safe space for those in need of shelter—laudable enough as that goal was. The goal was (and remains) to engage as many people as possible in a shared recognition that we are responsible for one another. The recognition that our Community is what we choose to make it and that each of us is unique brick of talent and perspective in this house we’ve built.

We do for other, we do for ourselves!

Join the legacy she started by purchasing a brick to be laid at the entrance of the original Well House home where Marian Clements started her mission nearly 40 years ago. Your contribution will help us continue her vision of providing more homes to more people. By purchasing a brick, you have the opportunity to be a part of her legacy. You can choose one of the following lines to engrave on your brick: In celebration of…,  In honor of…, or  In memory of… .