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“I have been homeless a couple of times… My next goal is to get an apartment.” – Kathy

Experience living at Well House

It has been a good experience. It is my first time living in community housing. It still is a new experience for me even though I have been here for three years. It can be challenging living with different people and having the people that you share space with change. It can be an adjustment.

About being homeless

I have been homeless a couple of times. The first time I was homeless was when I was in North Carolina. I was homeless down there for three years, and I got a low income apartment, but then guy I was dating ended up getting me kicked out. Then, I was homeless for 2-3 months and moved back to Grand Rapids. I moved back here and lived in Degage for 1 month and then ended up getting a place here at Well House and have been here since.

Next goals

My next goal is to get an apartment, but it is hard, especially with my husband’s criminal background. It is making it so hard to get an apartment.