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“To lay down and wake up with your head not cloudy, it feels good.” – Willie

Experience living at Well House

The experience that I have had here at Well House, to me, it was overwhelming at the point in time that it happened. I was homeless, and I actually had no place to go. I was staying down at Mel Trotter for 2-3 weeks. I kept pushing and pushing, I was waiting on the Housing Commission and had been waiting for 9 months, being on the list. I ended up being at Mel Trotter, when this came through it was a blessing. Mel Trotter was a blessing at the time. I went from couch to couch to nowhere.

About Being Homeless

You felt like all of the people you tried to depend on, like family, had no tolerance for you. No matter what the circumstance was, you were like a piece of crap to them. Being homeless is different for every person. I had never been homeless before and when I actually found myself homeless, it was difficult. I came from living a nice life, my whole life, and all of a sudden I was homeless. I went from losing my wife and kids to giving up. I started using drugs, and drugs were the main reason I ended up being homeless. It was the main reason I lost my family and ended up being more of my life after I lost them. I felt like it helped me ease the pain of what was going on, and it resulted in homeless.

Next Goals

My long term goal is to get moved into an apartment or a house, I need something of my own. I think it would make my kids, my grandkids, and my great grandkids very happy. To be the head of the household like that for them, to look at me and see me in that position, I think it would give them a better outlook of me. Something for them to follow, something for them to look up to.