Capital Campaign

2022 – 2023

For more than four decades, Well House has provided a unique housing role in Grand Rapids.

We provide permanent low-cost housing for vulnerable populations experiencing chronic homelessness who are struggling to access housing through traditional markets and programs.

Leaning on strong community partnerships and our mission to expand, we provide and safeguard low-cost housing options for vulnerable populations as we bring neighbors into safe, stable housing in a supportive community.

Our goals

In the next two years, Grand Rapids will need to find safe housing for an additional 1,000+ low-income individuals to keep pace with needs. The target out-of-pocket rental cost for this population is $350 – $600/month.*

Our capital campaign will enable us to build new energy-efficient units to house an additional 35+ people.

*Based on recommended 30% allocation of total income to rent for low- and minimum-wage earners.

What we're doing through this campaign:

Providing Homes

With an average waiting list of 60+ people, the model of buying and reviving vacant homes is currently not a timely or cost-effective option. We are expanding our model to address the realities of housing in Grand Rapids through new builds.

Empowering Lives

By addressing housing first, we help those experiencing economic, health, behavioral and social challenges to stabilize and address the traumas that led them to homelessness while strengthening independent living skills.

Building Futures

We are committed to respecting and serving our community in order to build better and stronger futures. Our goal is to show how the Well House model is an effective, sustainable and reproducible way to address low-income housing.

Be part of the solution

Since Marian opened the first home in 1977, Well House has grown and now operates 15 homes where we treat tenants with respect and compassion. Most of our tenants earn less than $24,000 annually. We partner with several nonprofit organizations, collaborating to provide essential wraparound services such as:

  • Health care, including dental care
  • Behavioral health support
  • Essential identification documents recovery
  • Veteran services
  • Financial counseling
  • Food and household supplies

We need your friendship alongside ours to invest in Well House, our tenants and our community. Please consider a gift to support our effort, which can be in the form of:

  • One-time gift
  • Multiyear pledge—up to three years
  • Gift of assets—i.e. stock
  • Endowment gift
  • Estate gift
  • Matching gift pledge